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  • New Meeting Format

    We’ve changed the format of our General meetings to include regular guest speakers and a Club Profile by one of our delegates about their club. All motorcyclists are welcome to attend the MCC's...

  • Helmet Laws

    On 11th December 2015 the use of helmets meeting International Helmet standard UN ECE 22.05 became legal for use in NSW. For more information click here

  • Cameras on Helmets

    The use of cameras on motorcycle helmets is now legal in the ACT provided that the mount is “frangible”. ACT Legislative Instrument The NSW Centre for Road Safety is undertaking another round of...

  • Increased Penalties for Phone Use While Driving

    Mobile phone offences have been added to double demerit periods. Also, an additional demerit point will be added to the existing standard penalty of three points. For more info Know The Rules

  • Historic Registration Rules

    On 4th September 2015 Duncan Gay, the Minister for Roads announced a new additional Historic Registration scheme (Classic Vehicle Scheme) to run along side the existing scheme. Download from the link ...

  • Putty Road and Oxley Highway Emergency Phone Locations

    The MCC has put together a pamphlet outlining the location of Emergency Phones along the Putty Road. A pamphlet is in preparation for the recently installed phones on the Oxley Highway. For more...

  • Lane Filtering legalised

    On 1st July 2014, lane filtering was legalised in NSW. The MCC of NSW has fought for this legalisation for many years. For more details click here

  • About M.A.R.I.

    A brief history of M.A.R.I.

Playstation MotoGP Competition

We have a competition prize to give away - a Sony PSP handheld console (RRP $399) plus Moto GP game (RRP $79.95) to the winner.

AND THE WINNER IS: Helen James from Victoria !

Helen's entry was drawn from the barrel of correct entries by Jeremy Bowdler, Editor of Two Wheels magazine.

High quality of entries, with a greater number of women in the final draw than men.

Yes they were hard questions. The correct answers are available now.

WHO amongst you can answer the horror set of MotoGP questions? These will find out if you have been paying attention! Correct answers go into the draw to be held at the Sydney Motorcycle Show 17-19 November 2006

HOW to enter?


Sony are releasing this game into stores on 28 October

WHAT is it?

MotoGP on PSP allows fans to emulate their favourite riders and get to grips with the thrilling 2006 season. Compete against the likes of Rossi, Hayden, Capirossi, Vermeulen, on their latest bikes, and try and fight off the challenge of MotoGP class newcomers like Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner. As a bonus, the 2005 season riders are also included, letting players relive the thrills of 2005 and take on Max Biaggi, Alex Barros and more.

Different modes will give two wheel fans the choice of single races, Time Trial circuit training, Moto GP Championship Season Mode, or the ultimate multiplayer (Wireless Ad Hoc Mode) allowing you to display your true riding abilities against up to seven other players for the most competitive, thrilling multi-player experience of 2006.

For more information, go to the PSP Website HERE

Or click on the game cover below


The following questions were answered by some before the final round, in which case, their answers were different to these here. Those correct at time of entry were righfully included. Our competition judge was impressed!

  1. Who is currently leading the BMW award for best qualifier in 2006. Nicky Hayden
  2. How many pole position has this rider had? One
  3. How many World champions have there been since the introduction of the MotoGP era (990cc machines)? Two
  4. Name them? Nicky Hayden, Valentino Rossi
  5. Who is coming 3rd in the teams championship in 2006? Ducati Marlboro (356 points)
  6. Who has the 2nd highest number of wins in 2006? 3 wins each to Marco Melandri and Loris Capirossi
  7. Who was the rider killed at Suzuka in 2003? Daijiro Kato
  8. What was his number? 74
  9. Which current rider now wears his (Q.8's) number (in addition to his own) on his leathers? Sete Gibernau
  10. At Which Grand Prix did Yamaha change to the big bang MotoGP engine? Welkom, South Africa, 2004
  11. How many Australians have been on Pole Position during the MotoGP era? Two, Casey Stoner - 1, Chris Vermuelen - 2
  12. Name Rossi's team mates in the MotoGP era (990cc) Tohru Ukawa - 2002, Nicky Hayden - 2003, Carlos Checa -2004, Colin Edwards - 2005, 2006
  13. What is the name of Rossi's Dog? Guido
  14. How many Premiere class world Championships has Jeremy Burgess won as Chief engineer? ELEVEN !, Gardner - 1, Doohan - 5, Rossi - 5 (he's a god)
  15. How many races have Ducati won in MotoGP? Seven (2003-1, 2004-0, 2005-2, 2006-4)
  16. What bike did current MotoGP team mates Rossi and Edwards pair up to ride in the Suzuka 8 hour? Team Cabin Honda VTR 1000 SP-W
  17. Where did they finish in that race? First Place
  18. Who was the rider that Rossi overtook under a yellow flag in 2003 when he famously went on to win despite a 10 second penalty? Marco Melandri
  19. What do the letters "WLF" mean on Rossi's leathers? "Viva La Figa" (loosely translated to "long live pussy")
  20. How many valve springs in bike No. 71 none, Vermuelen's Suzuki uses pnuematics like F1 cars
  • Email your answers alongside the number of each question
  • Include your name, address and telephone number
  • Entry is subject to conditions as noted below

Email to, click on here!


  • Entries close at 4pm on Wednesday 15 November 2006

  • Entries are to be submitted by email ONLY.

  • If your email fails to arrive by 4pm on 15 November 2006, that is your problem, not ours. We will not take responsibility for, or even take account of problems in email systems, whether they are yours, ours, or belong to someone else.

  • Correct entries (as solely determined by our judge) will be placed in a draw to be held at 2pm on Saturday 19 November 2006 at the Sydney Motorcycle Show

  • The judges decision is final for correctness of answer. No correspondence will be entered into. I said no correspondence. Our judge is opinionated and will be deemed correct even if they say Biaggi is nice.
  • No personal details will be retained, other than those of the winner. If you don't identify your entry, we can't contact you. It's a fair deal.

  • The winner will be advised by email and by posting their name to this website. It is up to the winner to respond and claim your prize by suitably dentifying themselves. If the winner is at the Show at the time of the draw, they should make themselves known to the MCC stand and be able to produce an identical copy of their entry.

  • Delivery will be ONLY to an address in NSW. We are the Motorcycle Council of NSW, servicing NSW, for NSW riders. We are not a pan-galactic organisation.

  • Prizes not claimed by 30 November 2006 will be returned