2006 Rider Survey

click on the link above, or on the picture of the Survey Form to be taken to the survey site.

  • Please pass on this page link to other riders in NSW.
  • We are particularly keen to hear from riders under 26 years of age.
  • If you know a rider who is under 26, please encourage them to fill out a survey.
  • It’s important.
  • final date for survey is May 30

Since our last Strategic Plan, (2002-2005) motorcycle safety has been improved through:-

  1. the efforts of riders taking responsibility for their own safety
  2. through the “Motorcycle Awareness” message encouraging car drivers to look out for riders,
  3. an 11% reduction in SMIDSY type crashes. (that’s about 100 riders who didn’t get hit by a car this year. Were you one of them?)

These are good results

  • Up to 2000, nearly half (47%) of all motorcycle crashes were caused by a car driver at-fault hitting a motorcycle.
  • Since 2000, NSW has experienced a 32% growth in the number of riders out there.
  • We have more riders, yet the crash rate is declining in NSW, keeping total crashes stable, despite rapidly increasing numbers.

So to answer the question of whether this survey is worthwhile, it’s not by itself, but when your answers are used by the MCC of NSW to direct action by the MCC, it makes riding safer.

  • CLICK HERE for more detail on motorcycle crashes in NSW

  • AND HERE “Positioned for Safety” the Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan