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Historic Plate New Scheme

For those in Historic Motorcycle Clubs, there is now an additional scheme, announced on September 4th 2015 by the Roads Minister Duncan Gay.

RMS Press Release HERE


The MCC of NSW together with the Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) worked with the Minister for Roads and Ports’ office and closely with Centre for Road Safety to develop this new model of registration for vehicles older than 30 years. The scheme is open to club members of historic bike and car clubs and is a 60 day log book scheme.

This scheme will run in parallel to the existing Historic scheme.

Broadly, it is based on a Log Book with 60 days per annum to ride or drive your 30+ year old vehicle. Club runs aren’t needed. However, under this scheme, there are no maintenance runs.

The Minister, Duncan Gay, announced this after successful negotiations by the MCC of NSW on behalf of riders in conjunction with the ACMC on behalf of drivers.

This scheme;

  • Does NOT replace the existing historic scheme. You can run under the existing scheme or run under this scheme.
  • It allows 60 days of driving/riding where and when you choose.
  • Is open only to eligible members of an historic club or authorised and eligible clubs.
  • This scheme is optional and runs in parallel to the existing Historic registration scheme. IT DOES NOT REPLACE IT AT ALL.
  • Open to vehicles more than 30 years of age.

The MCC thanks the Minister for Roads and Ports, the Honourable Duncan Gay, for introducing a new scheme of registration that suits the needs of enthusiasts.

Duncan Gay Media Release