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Why Join the Motorcycle Council of NSW?

Because you’ll help yourself get a better deal as a motorcycle rider.

Since 1981, MCCNSW has fought for the rights, safety and recognition of all motorcyclists.

MCCNSW does not receive any Government support to help fund its work.

Club Membership

The MCC of NSW is a federation of motorcycle clubs in New South Wales. These are all kinds of clubs, all kinds of bikes, all kinds of riders, all kinds of reasons for being.

Member clubs raise issues from their own meetings via their delegates. These items are placed on the agenda of the MCC where the delgates have the right to vote on the issues.

Club representatives work together on developing a solution. Unaligned riders may assist with the process but member groups are kept informed of the progress at all times.

MCC membership is open to all clubs and ride groups but not to individuals (individuals are accepted as Associate Members who don’t have voting rights). Each affiliated club has two delegate seats on the MCC. Membership is free and voluntary. Come and take your seat.

Club Liaison Officer

The MCC of NSW Club Liaison Officer is your club’s first port of call with the MCC. The role of the Club Liaison Officer is to:

  • Facilitate communication between club members, delegates and relevant volunteers within the MCC of NSW
  • Provide club delegates with relevant and timely information
  • Increase existing member club involvement in MCC projects and activities
  • Expand the member club base, through information evenings and club visits.


Contact The Club Liaison Officer
The Club Liaison Officer can be contacted via e-mail.