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About M.A.R.I.

M.A.R.I is a program developed at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney.

It stands for Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative and was able to be started after a generous donation from two extraordinary human beings who happened to be motorcyclists.

Extraordinarily, they have ridden the majority of the world twice on their R50 BMW.

They came home and wrote a book on their adventures along with photos and sold it. The money raised was then donated to the hospital to get things rolling towards helping riders that have crashed.

This took place over the past 7 plus years.

Now we have representatives throughout Australia helping riders that have passed through the doors of an Emergency Department and need medical assistance and a hand from a fellow rider as well.

These days the M.A.R.I Team manage an off shoot called the Dr Wings Bike Force.

This group of individuals are volunteers helping other riders with the guidance of the MARI team and hospital staff throughout the country.

If you would like to know more information on a genuine Motorcyclists Charity check out

You can read more about its conception, how to donate to MARI Australia Incorporated, or to follow the adventures of its team throughout Australia, getting even more hospitals and volunteers involved in Riders Caring for Riders beyond Medicine.

Contact Details Australia Wide

Ken Lovegrove

First Contact for M.A.R.I and the Dr Wings Bike Force

Mob: 0449 186 761


Donating to M.A.R.I.

To donate to M.A.R.I. Australia, go to their website and click on ‘Funds’ for instructions on how to donate.

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