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Alpine Motorcycle Rally No. 40

June 6 – 8, 2009 – June Long Weekend

Alpine Rally No 40
The Alpine Motorcycle Rally is Australia’s longest running rally.

All motorcyclists (no cars please) are invited to be a part of this big occasion at Yarrangobilly, being held where it all started back in 1969, on the banks of the Yarrangobilly River
next to the Snowy Mtns Hwy.

This year we’re trying to encourage our younger generation to attend this & other rallies so we don’t lose this tradition

This year’s presentation will be 5 pm Saturday.

Rally cost: $16 prepaid and $20 on site.

Free raffle to all entrants with prizes from the motorcycle industry.

Woz’s Handy Hints on the Alpine Motorcycle Rally

The site can be reached by all tar routes or there is any number of “Adventure Routes” to suit all levels of ability (both real and imagined).

Even getting there can be cool

For first timers, the rally is in an Alpine region. Occasionally it snows at the site overnight.

It really does get cold

Overnight temperatures are generally sub zero.
It gets cold

It is a BYO everything rally but there is firewood on site.

Large Fires are helpful


Come prepared and you will have a great time and meet a lot of serious motorcycle travelers.

Alpine Rally Crowd