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Blood Challenge

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NSW/ACT Summer Blood Challenge 2004/2005


December 1, 2004 to February 28, 2005

·The Summer Blood Challenge is the largest blood challenge in NSW/ACT organised by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The Challenge, held over summer is a friendly competition between the Police and Motorcyclists to see who can make the highest number of blood donations during this time. Since the inception of the Summer Blood Challenge, Police and Motorcyclists have worked together to potentially save over 75,000 lives with blood donated during the Challenge.

·Summer is often a difficult time for the Blood Service, as many regular donors are away on holidays, so the support of the police and motorcyclists over this critical time is invaluable.

·Blood donors save lives. You may not realise that blood donors help cancer patients, car accident victims, premature babies, haemophiliacs, burns victims and other seriously ill members of our community.

·An estimated 80% of Australians benefit from blood or blood products at some stage in their lives, however only 3% of Australians are regular blood donors.

·Saving lives brings out the best in all of us. Anyone can save lives. All you have to do is nominate who you would like to support – the NSW Police or Motorcyclists when you donate blood between 1 December 2004 and 28 February 2005.

·This year we are again looking forward to the joint efforts of the NSW/ACT Police and Motorcyclists in helping the Australian Red Cross Blood Service give the gift of life.


(1) When you give blood, make CERTAIN that your donation is recorded against the motorcyclists tally – by filling in a registration form when you next donate.

(2) You can go by yourself.

(3) You can organise or join a group
(e.g. Bikers Australia runs to Liverpool Blood Bank] for more see Blood Runs

(4) visit

for more information.

(5) Register online for yourself and make an appointment, or call 13 14 95 to arrange a time to bring a group.

(6) Encourage other riders and riders’ friends to participate.
Bring a BIG group, or several small groups.

(7) Think about this: You, or someone close to you might have to draw from the Bank. Do it.

(8) Remember to nominate the Motorcyclists’ tally.

For further information please contact:

Summer Blood Challenge Coordinator
Cherry Hetherington
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Ph: +61 2 9840 5524
M: +61 407 948 121
Fx: +61 2 9840 5533