The use of cameras on motorcycle helmets is now legal in the ACT provided that the mount is “frangible”. ACT Legislative Instrument

The NSW Centre for Road Safety is undertaking another round of tests to determine what constitutes a frangible mount.

Some manufacturers endorse cameras and communications devices on their helmets.

Note:- The following list is not exhaustive, just an example of what is available.

Nolan Helmets

  • Nolan Bluetooth Kit3 Plus “compatible” with these Nolan helmets:
    N103 – N102 – N91 – N90 – N86 – N85 – N71 – N43E AIR – N43E – N43AIR – N43 – N42E – N42
  • Nolan B5 N-Com “compatible” with Nolan N104, N44, N40 helmets.
  • Nolan B1 NCom “compatible” with these Nolan helmets: N104 – N44 – N40 – N103 – N91 – N90 – N86 – N85 – N71-N43E Trilogy – N43E
  • Nolan Basic Kits “compatible” with these Nolan helmets N102 – N42E – N42
  • Nolan MCS II “compatible” with these Nolan helmets: N104 – N44 – N103 – N91 – N90 – N86 – N85 – N71-N43E Trilogy – N43E
  • B3 N-Com “compatible” with Nolan N86, N43 helmets


“Available” for Race R Pro, Race –R, Vision –R, Speed R, Evoline series 3, RSJ ST

Cardo (Scala)

Cardo SHO-1 is custom designed for SHOEI helmets.

Tested and approved for use with these Shoei helmets:
Qwest , XR-1100, Multitec, Neotec, J-Cruise, Hornet-DS, RJ-Platinum

Cardo SMARTH is custom designed for HJC Helmets

BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad Communication System.
Approved for these BMW helmets:
System helmet 5, System helmet 6, System helmet 6 EVO, Sport helmet, AirFlow 2 helmet

– XD 1 helmet comes with action camera support top and sides

Bell Helmets sell adapters for Cardo units to suit the Bell Mag-9, previous models and 2015 model, plus the newly redesigned 2015 Qualifier DLX.

Bell incorporate 360-Degree Video Camera: using helmet video for safety alerts

Press article

HJC Helmets
Recommend use of Cardo systems units

Release at INTERMOT international motorcycle show