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Centreline trial in Parkes

The RTA would like to advise MCC members of a centreline marking trial currently being undertaken on the Newell Highway at two locations (12 kilometres north of Parkes and 15 kilometres north of West Wyalong).

As you will read in the flyer linked below, the centreline marking trial is expected to reduce crashes caused by fatigue and driver inattention by increasing the separation between opposing traffic. The road rules for overtaking have not changed.

Brian Wood, Chair of the MCC’s Road Safety Committee has inspected the trial near Parkes and ridden along both the VibraLine adjacent to the edge line and the median line and found that neither affected the stability of his motorcycle.

He did however find it a little surprising that VibraLine did not generate any noticeable vibration or noise. The ‘drumming’ effect noticeable in cars would not be generated as a motorcycle doesn’t have a shell. “I suspect the ‘helmet’ noise due to wind and engine noise was greater than that generated by the VibraLine as I could hear cars driving over the VibraLine when I stopped to take photos”.

Brian also comments that the chip seal was relatively course and this could have been masking the vibration effect.

Brian has since ridden along some VibraLine on the M5 Motorway near Prestons, both the edge line and lane markings which he again found did not generate any significant noise or vibration, noting he thought VibraLine would only have a limited safety benefit for motorcyclists who stray from their lane.