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Clubman Tourers Motorcycle Club

The Clubman Tourers Motorcycle Club are about 90 motorcyclists from Sydney, NSW and beyond.

We are a diverse group of all ages, walks of life and sexes (a healthy proportion are female riders). What unites us is a love of all kinds of riding and of spinning exaggerated yarns about it later over a beer.

We’re as informal as possible. We have a badge but it’s not a ‘patch’. We’re here to enjoy riding and to encourage others to do the same.

We favour ‘touring’, ‘sport riding’ and dirt-touring. We do day runs, rallies, track days, long tours, short tours and all this on tar or dirt or both. Socially: monthly meetings for reports and planning, parties, pubs, maintenance days, restaurant nights (and the gossip).

Our bikes: some are shiny, some are wrecks, some are loved, some are cursed but they all get used. They get us out there. Come and ‘get out there’ with us!

Contact us via our website.