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HOW to fit a Helmet

A Good Rider is a Good Risk Manager

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Risk Management

If a helmet doesn’t fit you properly, it’ll be uncomfortable and if the strap is loose it’ll be ineffective – basically a complete waste of money and effort.Never buy a helmet you haven’t had on YOUR head.

It’s impossible to know what internal damage a second hand helmet already has. Buy a new one.

Every head is unique and you’ll find some brands and models that simply won’t work with you.

You want:-

* a snug fit in the entire baseball cap region with no clearly pressured or painful areas.

* no “hot spots” or specific points in the baseball cap area where you feel pressure or pinching.

* This includes the forehead, back of the head and temples.

* If after wearing the helmet for a few minutes, a distinct area on your head is feeling sore, either the helmet is the wrong SIZE or SHAPE for you.

* Make sure the helmet cannot move forwards or backwards when you’re wearing it. If it does, then you need a smaller size.

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