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Frequently Asked Questions

Lane filtering

Lane Filtering has been legal in NSW since July 2014; fully licensed riders can filter between cars up to 30 kmph. For further information see

Note: learner and provisional riders are not permitted to lane filter. Furthermore, no rider is permitted to cross the stop line at the lights — this is a $415 and 3 point offence.


The wearing of UN ECE 22.05 helmets has been legal in NSW since just before Christmas 2015. For more information see

For maximum protection in the event of a crash, it’s important that the helmet stays in place. The above link has advice on choosing a helmet that is a good fit, particularly the roll-off test. Our advice is not to purchase a helmet you haven’t actually tried on for fit and comfort.

Protective clothing

For advice on protective clothing see:- and the Motorcycle Council’s website.

Where can I ride a trail bike?

Where you can ride depends on whether the bike is registered or you have a licence. See and for a list of ride parks and circuits.

Exhaust noise

It is not illegal to fit an aftermarket exhaust, but the noise level needs to comply with the noise label that is attached to the bike. The label looks like this:-

Where can I get rider training?

The Motorcycle Council has a list of training providers and training courses.

General information

The NSW Motorcycle Riders Handbook is a good source of information on a wide range of topics.

The Motorcycle Council of NSW website is also a good source of information; alternatively, email the MCC or ring 1300 NSW MCC.

What is being done about Wire Rope Barriers?

It is not just wire rope barriers that should concern riders. No barriers currently in use are motorcycle friendly. Riders should be concerned about all barriers and where they are placed on the road side. For more information see the poplink [|Motorcycle Council Position Statement on Crash Barriers].

Where can I get those motorcycle stickers?

The Motorcycle Council produces a number of stickers such as:- ‘Motorcycle Aware Driver’, ‘Hang Up and Drive’, and ‘Motorcycling is Magic’. These are available at a number of shops and motorcycle shops, or they can be purchased from the MCCNSW’s eBay store.

Where can I get cheaper CTP?

While motorcyclists in NSW have good reason to complain about the high price of greenslips (CTP), the Motor Accidents Authority have pointed out that many riders are paying more than they need to because they don’t shop around.

You can check out the Motor Accidents Authority greenslip price calculator to compare the prices from all currently licensed Green Slip insurers’ (but not their agents)
CTP Calculator.

I need legal advice

The Motorcycle Council can’t provide legal advice, but it can offer assistance on what are your rights and how best to proceed.

Motorway tolls

You don’t have to carry your e-tag provided your bike is listed as a motorcycle by your e-tag pro-vider. This means you won’t be charged the numberplate recognition fees.

How do I report a road hazard?

The Roads and Maritime Services have an incident reporting number 13 17 00, option 5, where you can report a road hazard.

Note that 80% of roads are the responsibility of local councils, so unless you are certain it is a State road looked after by the RMS, it may be better to report it to the Local Council.

It is also a good idea to report it to the Motorcycle Council as this could assist a fellow rider getting compensation should the hazard cause them to crash.

I’m looking for a motorcycle club to join

The Motorcycle Council has over 50 affiliated clubs, so this is a good place to start.

My query is not addressed here!

Feel free to contact the Motorcycle Council of New South Wales. Our phone number is 1300 NSW MCC (1300 679 622) and our email is