For some period of time the Council has been closely associated with LHD Lawyers in providing assistance to the executive and members in various matters including submissions to the RMS and simple matters such as assisting in the completion of motor Accident Act Claim Forms for members.

Background of LHD Lawyers

  • LHD Lawyers has been practising for close to 20 years in NSW and approximately 10 years in Queensland.

  • LHD is a specialised Personal Injury firm which has developed a name as a Plaintiff orientated firm focusing on the needs of injured persons.

  • LHD Lawyers have a number of Solicitors who are certified by the Law Society as experts with Specialist Accreditation.

  • LHD Lawyers’ objective is to provide an effective and precise delivery of legal services to meet the requirements of their clients and they pride themselves in early identification of rights, entitlements and implementation of effective strategies to ensure a speedy resolution with focus on obtaining optimal results.

The Advantages of Contacting LHD Lawyers

  • LHD Lawyers have many expert lawyers ready to assist members who find themselves in financial hardship for various reasons including injury and illness. Many of these circumstances they may have lead to an entitlement to compensation.

  • LHD Lawyers are only a telephone call away and such telephone call will be at no cost regardless of the enquiry. Thereafter LHD Lawyers will investigate the enquiry and provide pro bono telephone advice.

  • If an enquiry relates to a compensable matter, LHD Lawyers will not require the member to pay legal fees initially or throughout the claim. Members will not be required to pay any up-front costs with all fees being paid at the conclusion of the matter and only by agreement after the majority of these costs are paid for by the insurance company. In any event, whether the claimant is successful or not, LHD Lawyers would not require that the claimant pay us any funds out of their own pocket.

  • Insurance companies may treat potential claimants under the Motor Accidents Act unfairly, there are other occasions where a member simply does not know what they are entitled to and will often miss out on their entitlements completely. Working with the member they will seek to redress that social imbalance by providing quality legal assistance.

  • LHD Lawyers specialises in the following claims –
      Motor Accident Claims
      Compensation Claims
      Insurance Claims
      Negligence Claims
      Public Liability Claims
      Superannuation disability claims

Obligation free question and answer service for members of the Motorcycle Council provided by LHD Lawyers “The Compensation Specialists”

LHD LAWYERS “The Compensation Specialists”
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151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Phone:02 9264 6644
Fax:02 9264 6622

By appointment at: Adamstown, Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Tweed Heads, Wollongong