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Make A Change

There are different levels of Government and different ways of letting them know what you think.

Every citizen is entitled to have their views known and is perfectly entitled to contact any politician.

Write to a Minister about something in their portfolio. Also consider writing to their Opponent or Shadow Minister.

Write to a Local Member. Either YOUR Local Member or the Member where – for instance – a road or hazard needs attention.

Roads are “owned” ether by RMS (not many, usually the main highways) or they are “owned” by the local Council.

First, find out who has responsibility and then write to them.

For most impact, write a respectful letter pointing out what needs to be done or not done. Then send it snailmail. Yes. Actual paper in an envelope with a stamp!

Include your name and address because they will often check to see if you are on the Electrol Roll. (If you’re not, they know you can’t vote for them…)

Road Hazard Reporting

See the MCC Motorcycle Safety page on Hazard Reporting HERE