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Survey results: Sydney CBD motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking Sydney CBD

In September 2020, the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC) asked motorcyclists to complete a short survey on motorcycle parking in the CBD of Sydney.

On behalf of Meriton, we wanted to know what the current parking requirements are for motorcyclists in the CBD.  Also, what kind of facilities riders require and would like when they park.  This is an important matter for riders especially as Sydney City Council continues to reduce CBD roadside parking locations for motorbikes and scooters!

We had 147 responses to our survey.  We thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.  The MCC tries to represent the views of our members and motorcyclists in NSW. While the number of responses weren’t as high as we would have hoped, this survey will still be of help ascertaining parking needs in Sydney.

Question 1: Do you currently or in the near future require motorcycle or scooter parking in Sydney CBD between 4 to 7 days per week?

87.1% said Yes

2.7% said No

10.2% said in the future

Question 2: If your answer to the above question is yes, where do you park your motorcycle or scooter presently?

18.6% said paid carpark

75.7% said in the street

The balance said company offered carpark, under my house, rotating between 2 hour spots every few hours, combination of paid and street parking or at Darling Park/Harbour.


Question 3: Do you currently experience issues finding parking for your motorcycle or scooter in Sydney CBD?

96.5% said Yes

3.3% said No

0.2% said no, I have a dedicated parking space


Question 4: Which areas of the CBD do you need to be within day-to-day? You can choose more than one.

7.5% said The Rocks

9.8% said Barangaroo

9.9% said Darling Harbour

31% said the CBD, north of King Street

17.6% said CBD, south of King Street

1.7% said other

22.5% said it varies from day to day


Question 5: What costs would you expect to pay for 24/7 access to your parking bay with multiple entries?

91.6% said not more than $10 per day

6.7% said between $10-20 per day

1.7% said more than $20 per day


Question 6: What additional services would you like to see within your carpark?

Motorbike cleaning service 28.7%

Self-service station 41.7%

Storage cages 45.2%

End of trip facilities 35.7%


Question 7: Are you reluctant to park your motorcycle or scooter in the CBD as it could be damaged or stolen?

75.5% said Yes

24.5% said No


Question 8: If you answered Yes to Question 7, would you prefer to use a paid secured parking spot?

51.8% said Yes

29.5% said No

18.7% said Not Applicable


As a result of this survey, Meriton has offered motorcycle parking in Sydney at 234 Sussex Street, Sydney.  As at December 2020, the cost is $220 per month, which gives you 24/7 access to secure parking.

Meriton Sydney motorcycle parking

For more information regarding motorcycle parking at Meriton, please visit their website here.

If you have any questions regarding parking in the Sydney CBD please do not hesitate to contact a committee member or contact us here.

By Liz

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