The MCC of NSW has a long history of successful lobbying on behalf of individual motorcyclists. A number of those achievements of the MCC of NSW are listed below.

  • Free & improved parking for motorcycles in the Sydney CBD
  • Annual Motorcycle Awareness Week
  • Reversed legislation on exhaust labelling
  • Put a hold on the introduction of front number plates.
  • Increased advertising from the RTA for motorcycle awareness.
  • Obtained seats on the joint Motor Accidents Authority / MCC committee to improve motorcycle safety
  • Obtained representation on the Helmets Australian Standards Committee
  • Obtained representation, through the Australian Motorcycle Council,
  • Obtained representation on the Road Barriers Australian Standards Committee
  • Reviewed LTCS & CTP Green Slips for motorcycles and now working to reduce the costs.
  • Worked with various councils to fund and produce motorcycle advisory brochures for roads in their areas.
  • Helped drive national issues by being part of the Australian Motorcycle Committee (AMC)
  • Conducted helmet studies with the UNSW
  • Instrumental in the reintroduction of a mentoring program for motorcyclists.

More detail on key past achievements is available below.