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Position Statement – Protective Clothing

Research has shown that in a crash protective clothing is able to reduce the severity of injuries. However, there is no guarantee that what is sold as motorcycle protective clothing is “fit for purpose”.

Priority:- High

Where we are now:-

In 2010, the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) to review research that has been conducted into the effectiveness of protective clothing. The report on the findings of the study is available.

The report recommends that a 5 Star system similar to ANCAP for cars be introduced. This scheme would have two ratings, one for ‘protection’ and the other for thermal comfort.

The rating for ‘protection’ would be based on tests used in the European Standards EN 13595 jackets, pants & one piece suits, EN 13594 Gloves and EN 13634 Footwear.

Where we want to be:-

Where riders, when purchasing protective clothing, can make informed choices as to:-

  • the level of protection they are purchasing,
  • the level of thermal comfort they are purchasing.

EN 13595, EN 13594 and EN 13634 have tests for abrasion resistance, tear resistance, seam burst strength and cut resistance. The actual results will be reported in terms of time to failure etc rather than on a pass/fail basis.

This approach will allow garments to be ranked in order of performance allowing riders to make informed decisions. It will also ensure continuing competition between manufacturers.

The MCC does not support the introduction of a Standard as this is inappropriate and unworkable due to Australia’s diverse climate. Also, a Standard provides no incentive for the continual improvement in the quality of protective clothing being offered for sale, it will only set a minimum quality that has to be achieved.

The MCC does not support mandating protective clothing but rather it supports providing riders with information so they can make an informed choice.

How to get there:-

The MCC works with rider groups, committees and industry to raise awareness of the benefits of protective clothing.

The MCC supports the Australian Motorcycle Council in providing information on the quality of protective clothing currently available.

The MCC lobbies for the introduction of a 5 Star rating system for protective clothing.