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Ride To Work Day [1/11]

Wednesday 1 November

A day to demonstrate the benefits of commuting by motorcycle

Park free all day in Hickson Road, near corner of Napoleon Street, as a guest of the City of Sydney
See MAP below

Parking space available all day as long as you get there between 6am to 10 am and park in the designated areas

All day stayers have priority – any motorcycles not parked in designated areas after 10am are fair game for parking inspectors.

We have TV coverage for this event, so BE THERE.

The Today Show will be doing a series of “live crosses”, straight to air. Each is around 5 minutes

If you arrive at these times, please cut your engine and coast to a stop and wait until the live cross is over before re-starting

Excessive noise during “live to air” is unwelcome and conveys a wrong impression

BBQ Breakfast – by NRMA Motorcycle Inspections

Gold coin donations for the Moorong Spinal Unit

Please join us and help us to raise the profile of the benefits of a fun, efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective form of transport

Good TV will improve communication with the wider public to provide solutions to issues such as tolls, better road quality and funding for safety initiatives.

We ask all riders to act as ambassadors for the motorcycling community and to ride with good judgement, skill and courtesy.