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Shooters and Fishers

14 March 2001

Shooters and Fishers Party MLC Robert Brown said today he believed that riders of motorcycles and scooters need to be recognised as a separate class of road user.

He said these riders have long suffered discrimination in the fees and charges they faced for riding their machines on our roads.

Mr Brown said there were about half a million motorcycle licence holders in New South Wales and they deserved special recognition.

“What this legislative recognition would mean is that every time a Government department was considering making changes to transport policy, the needs of these riders would have to be included in any decisions.

“I am prepared to have the necessary legislation for this recognition drawn up and presented to the Legislative Council early in the term of the next Government,” Mr Brown said.

“I have had a series of discussions in recent months with the Chairman of the Motor Cycle Council of New South Wales, Rob Colligan, who has explained the importance of having these riders recognised as a separate class of user.

“He has made a sound case for this change, and I am happy to take it into the Parliament to seek support from both Chambers,” he said
Mr Colligan said he welcomed the strong support from the Shooters and Fishers Party.

“For the last three or four decades, motorcycle and scooter riders have faced decisions that have endangered their lives because the unique properties of two wheeled vehicles have not been recognised or allowed for in regards to road and transport related policy planning.”

“Riders have faced a situation where they “deserved what they got” because they choose to ride. This was never an acceptable situation and the Shooters and Fishers recognise this fact,” he said.

Mr Colligan said one of the sillier anomalies at the moment is that if two cycles park on one car space both get booked because the NSW Road Rules state that only one vehicle is allowed to park in a Parking Spot.

“Clearly this rule was drawn up for cars, without any thought of how efficient it would be to park four to five bikes in that same spot.” Mr Colligan said.

Further information: Robert Brown MLC 0429 303 250, or Rob Colligan, 0401 227731.