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Singhs MC AUS

Singhs MotorCycle Club

Singhs MotorCycle Club (also known as SMC Australia or Singhs MC AUS) is a motorcycle club which currently operates across Australia. The club is affiliated with its mother chapter Singhs Motor Cycle Club United Arab Emirates (also known as SMC UAE) formed in 2014, which has its own set of policies and procedures as per their local regulations.

The club is formed to promote responsible motorcycling activities for club members by conducting club activities and encouraging participation in motorbike events wherever possible.

Singhs MC AUS is not oriented towards any single cause or objective and are not associated to any outlaw club or organisation. Singhs MC AUS is a 100% law-abiding motorbike club.

Club activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with family orientation and non-political philosophy.

The main objective of the Club is to help/assist our local communities in the best way we can by organising food drives, helping organisations like GNFK/T4Australia/ASA etc. to distribute their charitable products across NSW and Victoria (as of now).