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So, WHAT can a Helmet do for me?

A Good Rider is a Good Risk Manager

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A head injury is the most common cause of death for motorcyclists.

A helmet with more head coverage gives better protection.

More than 3/4 of impact damage happens on the front of helmets.

Standards testing of all helmet types is incredibly important.

The outer shell is the first line of protection. It works with the strap to keep the helmet on your head. It will flex in a crash and may crack.

The inner impact absorption layer is the critical stage of defence.

The strap is critical for keeping a helmet on your head in a crash

Helmets come off in around 11% of all crashes. Do it up, snug.

This can also happen if the helmet is too big, even when the strap is done up.

Every head is unique and you’ll find some brands and models that simply won’t work with you.

Never buy a helmet YOU haven’t had on YOUR head.

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