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WHAT Helmet do I need to wear in Australia?

A Good Rider is a Good Risk Manager

About Road Rules

About UN/ECE22-05 versus AS/NZS1698

About AS/NZS1698 Safety Ratings

About UN/ECE22-05 Safety Ratings

Risk Management

Ensure your helmet is correctly Certified to either the Australian Standard or UN ECE 22-05.

Never buy a helmet you haven’t had on YOUR head.

Buying from a local shop provides guarantees to the buyer under Australian Consumer law.

Avoid buying online. You may have ZERO consumer protection on the certification. It may be a fraud.

Buying from a local shop ensures genuine products and you can try it for size.

All helmets used in Australia must be certified to either Australian or European standards, that’s ECE 22-05 or AS/NZS 1698

Helmets that cover more of your head will protect you better

Fit is everything. Graphics won’t protect you.

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