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Tollways and tunnels are now cashless.

E-tags are not designed for use on motorcycles. Attempts to design a safe motorcycle e-tag have failed.

Until an appropriate e-tag is available, motorcycles should be:-

In January 2009, the then RTA admitted failure of E-Tags in use for motorcycles and scooters when it announced to the media that motorcycles would not need to carry an e-tag across the Harbour Bridge or Harbour Tunnel. (access the article here).

The informal announcement by the then RTA displayed many of the ill-considered approaches of the entire e-tag strategy for motorcyclists.

1. Decision making on-the-run.

The “announcement” was not formally announced, it wasn’t mentioned on the RTA website and the peak motorcycling body (the MCC of NSW) was not aware or consulted on it. The announcement is yet to be verified.

2. Illogical decision making

“However, the RTA encourages motorcyclists to travel with their tag as they will need it when travelling on Sydney’s other toll roads.”

Forgoing E-Tags on only 2 of Sydney’s 8 toll roads is illogical. It is unclear whether the RTA tolling system is flawed compared to those on the other toll roads or whether the RTA is simply looking after its own bad PR and leaving motorcyclists to deal with the additional charges and paper chase when using other toll roads.

Motorcycles and scooters are a discriminated minority that are left to deal with substandard service, higher complexity and imposed safety issue.