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Motorcycle Friendly Scheme

Motorcycle Friendly Scheme The motorcycle friendly scheme is all about preparing towns and businesses across Australia to be motorcycle travel friendly and ready to welcome existing and new motorcycle visitors.… Continue reading Motorcycle Friendly Scheme

Historic Plates Optional Scheme

Historic Plate New Scheme For those in Historic Motorcycle Clubs, there is now an additional scheme, announced on September 4th 2015 by the Roads Minister Duncan Gay. RMS Press Release… Continue reading Historic Plates Optional Scheme


Visors Helmet Road Rules Keep it clean. A dirty or scratched clear visor will reduce vision and cause surface glare far more than a new dark one. If in doubt,… Continue reading Visors

Reporting a Road Hazard

How to report a road hazard. Refer to the following link.


Tolls Position Motorcycle toll charge needs to be adjusted to one-quarter the rate of cars. Motorcycle riders are prepared to pay THE CORRECT RATE OF TOLL Because cars are smaller… Continue reading Tolls


Tolls Rate of Tolls Motorcyclists recognise the need to pay their fair share, but object to being assessed at the same rate as a car and also object to paying… Continue reading Tolls

Helmet Road Rules

Helmet Road Rules Impossible to Comply with RR 270 Road Rule 270 requires a rider to …..wear an approved motor bike helmet securely fitted and fastened on the rider’s head.… Continue reading Helmet Road Rules


Tollways and tunnels are now cashless. E-tags are not designed for use on motorcycles. Attempts to design a safe motorcycle e-tag have failed. Until an appropriate e-tag is available, motorcycles… Continue reading E-Tags

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety The last and only Staysafe Inquiry into motorcycle safety was in 1986. Much has changed since then. There were no funds for motorcycle safety at all back then… Continue reading Motorcycle Safety

Transport Planning

Transport Planning Motorcycles have the advantage of reducing congestion and pollution, yet they continue to be ignored in transport plans. Exclusion from Planning has lead to a number of “symptoms”… Continue reading Transport Planning