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Motorcycle & Scooter Parking In Sydney

Since the demise of City of Sydney’s Motorcycle and Scooter Parking Strategy, parking is a little less convenient, but still available and with far better Rules than most local councils are capable of imagining, let alone managing. (Basically, observe signposted time restrictions)

Be aware of the City of Sydney Rules

The Goulburn Street Parking Station is useful and well priced in comparison to the swingeing rates of most commercial parking stations.

Be aware that parking near the Domain (such as behind Parliament House and the Hospital) falls under the Botanic Gardens Trust – NOT the City of Sydney – so there are DIFFERENT RULES for the Domain (Art Gallery, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, etc).
The Domain administers parking the same way as most local councils, with all the problems of swingeing prices, tickets that have to be contested with the State Debt Recovery Office and bump-parking by cars.

The problem is faulty legislation. See our webpage for further details.