Position Statement — Rider Training

Rider training and education is an important part of any comprehensive motorcycle safety strategy. Training should not be considered only for novice riders but should be a ‘whole of life’ experience with riders undertaking training throughout their riding career.



Where we are now

In NSW, novice riders are well catered for by the Transport for NSW-administered compulsory rider scheme that is implemented by independent rider training schools who are contracted to Transport for NSW.

These independent rider training schools also offer a range of post-licence training.

There are also a number of operators who conduct track days at various race track venues.

A survey by the MCC found that 54% of riders had undertaken some form of post-licence training, the majority of which were within the last 4 years. This survey, however, concentrated on motorcyclists who reside in the Sydney/Wollongong/Newcastle region and therefore have greater access to courses than riders in rural areas.

Where we want to be

  • that riders view training as a whole of life experience where they undertake training throughout their riding career
  • that a range of courses are readily accessible in both metropolitan and regional areas at moderate cost to all those wishing to undertake training
  • that training companies and ride day operators run courses that cover both skill and behavioural issues
  • that all riders are licensed.

How to get there

  • seek funding to research why some riders choose to ride unlicensed
  • encourage riders to undertake post-licence training
  • encourage training schools and ride day operators run courses that cover both skill and behavioural issues
  • offer incentives such as reduced licensing and registration fees, silver and gold to platinum licence grades to riders who undertake regular skills courses.