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What you need to know about riding on a Trike on your L's and P's

It’s possible to ride a Learner Approved trike while on your Ls and Ps, for more information and a list of which trikes you can ride go to:-

If you live in a Declared Area, that is, an area where motorcycle rider training is available, you can do the training and testing on a trike but this then limits you to only riding a trike.

If you live in an Undeclared Area, that is, an area where there are no training providers within a reasonable distance of you. 100km is usually taken as being a reasonable distance. In an undeclared area you can obtain a Learners Licence at a Service NSW centre by doing the Knowledge Test. A Provisional Licence can be obtained at a Service NSW centre by doing a kerbside test, officially known as a Motorcycle Driver Ability Road Test (MDART).