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Trail Bike survey prelim results – creating a sustainable recreational activity

Motorcycle survey results

As of the 2nd September 2020 1,908 riders had completed the trail bike survey.  Here are the main highlights of the survey to date.

Question 3. The top 5 places where riders ride are:
• 46.3% The Watagans
• 39.7% Private Land
• 31.8% Sunny Corner
• 25.8% Ourimbah State Forest
• 25% Belanglo

Question 4. 77.6% of bikes are registered

Question 5. The reasons why bikes aren’t registered are:-
• can’t be registered 31.1%,
• I don’t want to register it as I only ride in state forest/state recreation area/crown land 27.2%,
• I don’t ride it enough to justify the cost of registration 22%

Question 6. 92.1% had a licence

Question 7. Of those who didn’t have a motorcycle licence
• 37% didn’t want one as they only ride in state forest/state recreation area/crown land.
• 25.3% were too young to hold a licence

Question 8, where riders live was even spread across the options given

Question 10. 71.2% had never had a licence or registration check while riding

Question 11. 73.5% were concerned that access to areas will change in the future

trail bike rider
Photo by Federico Vitale on Unsplash

Question 12 of those who thought access will change
• 61.9% thought it would be because of environmental issues,
• 53.6% thought it would be as the result of complaints by local residents.

Question 13. How often do you ride?
• 39.6% a couple of times a month,
• 23% every week

Question 17. Why do you ride?
• 88.2% I enjoy the outdoors,
• 87.4% for their mental health,
• 84.1% to relax, relieve stress and tension

Question 20 76.1% were not members of a club

Question 23 What do you want the MCC to do?
• 84.9% want the MCC to defend offroad riding opportunities,
• 81.8% want the MCC to actively pursue the needs of riders with land managers.
• 77.1% want the MCC to improve the perception of trail riding,
• 70.9% want the MCC to promote and encourage safe and responsible riding,
• 64.7% want the MCC to be the peak body
• 62% want the MCC to provide a NSW Trail Bike strategic plan

Read about the win-win for trail bikes and the environment at Newnes Plateau

Question 24 76.2% want a Rec Rego scheme like that in Victoria

Question 32 Riders biggest concerns are
• 73.5% trails will close,
• 56.8% lack of designated riding areas,
• 45.6% cost of registration

If you haven’t completed the survey and you are a trail biker rider, we would love for you to complete the survey.

Click here to start the trail bike survey

Thank you to those that have taken the time to complete.

Visit the Recreational Trail Bike Riders website to read all about the great stuff the trail bike sub-committee of the MCC of NSW is doing for riders, just like you.

By Liz

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