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A win-win for trail bikes and the environment at Newnes Plateau

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It’s not often that you hear a good news story about trail bikes so needless to say the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC) is excited about this one.

A Senior Lands Officer from the Central Tablelands Local Land Services is working on a swamp remediation project with Forestry Corporation at the Newnes Plateau.  Included in this project, is a level rock crossing for trail bike riding through a section of the endangered swamp.  The crossing will protect the sensitive swamp area, at the same time as allowing dirt bike riders to have a safe trail to enjoy the beautiful national park.

 Newnes rock crossing design for trail bikes

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services approached MCC for our expertise to assist with the design and construction of a rock crossing that would suit the needs of dirt bike riders.  Glenn Alderton, a local trail bike rider and member of the MCC’s Recreational Trail Bike sub-committee, volunteered to work with Land Services on the design of a safe trail for dirt bike riding.

The plans for the rock crossing included our preferred single dirt bike track of 1 metre wide.  Land Services requirement is that all trail bikers stick to the single track in the designated areas.

Next steps

With the trail bike crossing design completed, the construction of the rock bridge is estimated to be built by the end of June 2020.

Glenn, through the Pensioner Express Riders, are considering becoming the group responsible for the future maintenance of the trail bike track to ensure safe trails that continue to protect the environment.

The future of trail bike riding in Newnes Plateau

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services seek further advice on any other sensitive areas that trail bike riders can identify, so more collaborative projects like these, find solutions and tracks to protect the environment for safe riding.

As the Central Tablelands Local Land Services is completely onboard with working with dirt bike riders (legitimate – meaning legal riders that is) they are seeking an advocacy group that is willing to pass on the word and help protect where trail bikers ride.


The MCC Recreational Trail Bike sub-committee have to say that this is truly outstanding and the first time we have ever heard of a local authority seeking interaction with trail bike riders to provide a solution to a problem that does not involve total closure.

Stay tuned – on the Local Land Services advice, we will be announcing and may organise (COVID-19 restrictions allowing) an official opening with the Pensioner Express being an active part of that.

For more information about the Newnes Plateau, click here.

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On top of this great news, if you want to be a part of the dirt bike sub-committee and work on positive projects like these and others, please raise your hand to Andrew Healey, our head of the MCC Recreational Trail Bike sub-committee on

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