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Get to Know: 2019-21 Chairman MCC of NSW, Kevin “Trip’ Henry

Chairman MCC of NSW Kevin Trip Henry

We spoke to Kevin ‘Trip’ Henry, the Chairman & Minute Secretary of MCC of NSW 2019-21, to see what he was up to.

Let’s start with the fun stuff – what motorcycle do you ride?

I currently ride a 2010 Buell CR 1125, 2008 FLSTSC 103ci” with a Rocker Clutch and                                 motorcycle

Tank Shift.  I have recently added a Dusting Sidecar to it! 

I have also owned a 1982 H-D XLCH Roadster, 1992 H-D FLST Electraglide, 1959 H-D Duo-glide Panhead, 1978 Ducati Darmah, 1980 XJ Yamaha, 1984 Moto Guzzi Le Mans MkIII, 1956 ES2 Norton.  In 1984, I built a Rigid H-D 80 ci” from the ground up.


What’s your favourite ride in NSW?

 I can’t choose between the Old Pacific Highway to Berowa to start the 5 ferries run, or the Bylong Valley Way to Bathurst!


It can’t all be about motorcycling.  What other things make you tick?

I also have the sailing bug.  I represented Australia as a reserve representative for the Australian Titles sailing in 14 foot Skates a year after I began sailing. 

I havViking shipe delivered a Knaar, Viking Ship (Cargo style of a Long Ship) from Tasmania to Eden.  Rigged and sailed an 11th Century Lodi (Caravel) from Lake Onega, Russia to Ventspils, Latvia. 



I am a Letterpress Printing Journeyman since 1974.  As a qualified Typesetter (Hot Metal & Handset), Graphic Designer and Screen Printer, I owned my own printing business until I sold out to my partner. 


How did you become involved in the MCC of NSW?

I’ve been involved with the MCC since 2012.  I was asked if I could help by the Secretary Brian Wood with producing the minutes of their meetings, and soon became an Ex-officio Committee Member – and there began the obsession. 


Why did you decide to put your hand up for Chairman of MCC of NSW?

Over many years, I have seen the hard work and dedication of the members of the MCC executive and many of the delegates first-hand – and I wanted to be a part of that.

If it were not for this hardy band of warriors, I believe we would be riding around with flashing lights on our helmets, if we would be allowed to ride our motorcycles at all.  Motorcyclists have such a small say in the big scheme of things. 


What do you think the MCC of NSW does best?

I think it is staggering the pressure, on behalf of all motorcyclists of NSW, the MCC asserts on Government departments and committees, along with the many submissions that are constantly proposed on matters that affect motorcyclist’s lifestyle and hobby.

It is vital that organisations like the MCC of NSW, with no hidden agendas, no rorts or benefits from business, only the constant giving up of time and effort in an often unseen or understood world. This might sound dramatic and it is.  There is no one else who is putting up the effort or the fight to demand our rights to safety and to stay on the road.


Where do you see the future of motorcycling in NSW and in general?

Motorcycling will come under increased pressure and the ability for riders to enjoy our lifestyle and hobby is under direct threat.  In particular, the introduction of Automated Vehicles level 5 is coming, and personally I see no way to currently guarantee the safety of motorcyclists integrating with these vehicles except to ban motorcycles completely from the road.  This is not an option for myself and whilst it hasn’t been yet suggested, I fear it may soon be!


On this note, what are your last words to other motorcycle riders?

My motto is ‘let those who ride, decide’.  Support the MCC by joining as an Individual Member for a small fee of $25.  You will also then have access to discounted Swann Insurance and a 2-tiered breakdown service which has been proven to be effective and reliable.  Do yourself a favour for the long term support of motorcycling by joining the Motorcycle Council of NSW.

Thank you, Trip, 2019-20 Chairman MCC of NSW.

If you want to join the MCC of NSW committee, contact us here.


By Liz

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