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Club Information

The MCC of NSW is a federation of motorcycle clubs in New South Wales. These are all kinds of clubs, all kinds of bikes, all kinds of riders, all kinds… Continue reading Club Information

Rider Information

Ultimately, the MCC of NSW is representing the interests of individual riders – you! In this section we seek to provide you with useful information to make your riding safer… Continue reading Rider Information

Disclaimer and Copyright

The MCC road safety web site is based on Positioned for Safety, the MCC Road Safety Strategic Plan 2002-2005 which was written by Liz de Rome and Guy Stanford for… Continue reading Disclaimer and Copyright


The following are policy positions that have been established and approved by the MCC. The MCC uses these positions to argue their case and in consultation, lobbying or research activities.… Continue reading Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

Lane filtering Lane Filtering has been legal in NSW since July 2014; fully licensed riders can filter between cars up to 30 kmph. For further information see Note: learner… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions


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