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Road Design & Maintenance

Position Statement – Road Design & Maintenance The methods used to repair the road surface affect motorcycle control and stability. The design of where roadside objects are placed has a… Continue reading Road Design & Maintenance



Making a CTP Claim

Information provided by LHD Lawyers When you have an accident while riding you may be taken to hospital by ambulance to receive treatment and to start recovery. But then what?… Continue reading Making a CTP Claim

LHD Lawyers and the MCC

For some period of time the Council has been closely associated with LHD Lawyers in providing assistance to the executive and members in various matters including submissions to the RMS… Continue reading LHD Lawyers and the MCC

In the Media

Old Pacific Highway This news segment from June 2008 clearly demonstrates a number of issues arising from both road hazards and the results of accidents. Guy Stanford MCC and Bob… Continue reading In the Media


The following are policy positions that have been established and approved by the MCC. The MCC uses these positions to argue their case and in consultation, lobbying or research activities.… Continue reading Positions