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First Aid Motorcyclists - Training in Accident Scene Management for Riders

First Aid for Motorcyclists is a fast paced half day training course developed specifically for riders. It teaches the vital skills and knowledge needed to provide immediate roadside first aid and effectively manage the accident scene until emergency services arrive.

This is NOT a regular first aid course.

Content is practical and totally modified for riders.

Training is delivered by highly qualified experienced first aid instructors who ride.

By the end of this practical, hands on training session you’ll have learnt when and how to perform emergency helmet removal, give effective CPR, move a casualty in danger, treat a rider with serious road trauma injuries and safely manage the accident scene. Read what others are saying about this training


Check out the web site for dates and locations.


Learning is by way of participation, group discussion and practising skills based on common crash scene scenarios and life threatening road trauma injuries. Riding with people you can rely on and know what to do in the event of a motorcycle accident is all part of managing risk; if it’s you that goes down you’ll be glad they did this training…

  • Emergency Action Plan – D.R.S.A.B.C.
  • CPR – Manikin Practice
  • Accident Scene Management
  • Emergency Helmet Removal
  • Moving a Casualty In Danger
  • Multiple Injury Priority of Treatment
  • Shock, Fractures & Crush Injuries
  • Wounds, Bleeding & Bandaging
  • Head, Neck & Spinal Injuries
  • Burns & Fatigue Management
  • Motorcycle Accident Prevention
  • First Aid Kits for Motorcycles

Endorsed by:

  • AMC – Australian Motorcycle Council
  • MCCNSW – Motorcycle Council of NSW
  • M.A.R.I. – St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Stop SMIDSY Campaign – Driver Awareness
  • Stay Upright – Rider Training
  • Skill Master – Rider Training
  • Ulysses Club Inc. Australia
  • H.O.G.  Australia
  • Tex & Bundy “The Dog on the Bike” – Charity Fundraising
  • H.A.R.T. – Rider Training
  • Royal Rehab Centre – Spinal and Brain Injury Units

This valuable training is held regularly across major capital cities and regional centres. Check dates and locations nearest you

First Aid for Motorcyclists proudly donates a percentage of course fees to support the great work the Royal Rehab Centre provide for injured riders in the Brain and Spinal Injury Units.

Proudly supported by the Maurice Blackburn SMIDSY campaign

Disclaimer: Neither First Aid for Motorcyclists nor the Motorcycle Council of NSW are liable for any actions or inaction by any person or persons as a result of the information provided.