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Emergency Calls

000 or 112 ???

There is no doubt that 112 is connected and a mobile telephone will make that call even if the phone has no SIM card. 112 and 000 may be treated as equivalent FOR CALLS FROM MOBILES only.

All about Emergency Calls, the Legislative framework and how the system works go to ACMA – Australian Communication and Media Authority.

The Telecommunications (Emergency Call Persons) Determination 1999 specifies both Telstra Corporation Limited and the National Relay Service (NRS) provider as national operators of emergency call persons who operate the Emergency Call Service.

Telstra has the responsibility of providing the service which answers calls to the emergency service numbers Triple Zero (000) and 112, and transfers them, with relevant associated information, to the requested emergency service organisation.

Emergency Phones on Putty Rd and Oxley Hwy

The MCC of NSW conducted mobile phone reception tests along the length of the Putty Road in 2012 in response to riders not being able to call emergency services. Soon afterwards, six Emergency Satellite Phones (ESPs) were installed at critical crash-prone locations along the road where mobile phone reception is non-existent.

Road users now need only travel a short distance to call for help in the event of an incident. To maximise their presence and usefulness, the MCC of NSW prepared free leaflets with the phones’ locations. Download the PDF files here for Putty and Oxley phone brochures.