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Case Study – NSW CTP insurance doesn’t cover you in Tasmania for a single vehicle crash

NSW CTP insurance for motorcyclists

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Urgent notice – are you aware that your NSW CTP insurance doesn’t cover you in Tasmania for a single vehicle crash?

The MCC of NSW recently had a distressing call from a NSW rider who had received a $20,000 bill from Ambulance Tasmania for a helicopter ride.

He had been riding his NSW registered bike in Tasmania and was involved in a single vehicle motorcycle crash.

He wasn’t covered in Tasmania

He was told by the Tasmanian Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) that his claim for the ambulance bill was rejected, as the crash did not involve a Tasmanian registered vehicle.

The Tasmanian legislation excludes compensation unless a Tasmanian registered vehicle is involved.  This was spelt out in the riders’ rejection letter from the MAIB.

Had the rider been riding a Tasmanian registered hire bike, he would have been covered.

He wasn’t covered by his NSW CTP Insurance

He approached his NSW CTP insurer, but the ambulance bill was rejected as the crash occurred outside NSW.

The rider found his CTP insurance cover provided is applicable to the state in which the crash occurs.  However, Tasmania is the only state (which the MCC of NSW is aware of and at time of publishing) that excludes crashes unless a vehicle registered in that State is involved.

What does NSW CTP Insurance cover?

Since 1st December 2017, SIRA, changed the CTP Insurance to now cover riders and drivers for single vehicle crashes but only if the accident occurs in NSW.

The CTP legislation in the State in which the crash occurs, determines what compensation you receive.

The MCC has written to the Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello MP asking what NSW riders should do to cover themselves when riding interstate. Mr Dominello suggested taking out other forms of insurance to cover health costs associated with personal injuries, such as private health or travel insurance.

What to do if you are riding your motorcycle across state borders

  1. NSW CTP Insurance

Double check your CTP Insurance product disclosure statement before you head out travelling across state borders, paying attention to the type of cover in the case of single vehicle accidents.

Importantly, before purchasing or renewing your annual CTP Insurance, read the PDS statement so you know exactly what cover you are buying.  There are variances between insurance companies, it is not just price that should determine who you purchase from.

2. Health insurance

If you have health insurance, ring them or check the PDS for ambulance and hospital care cover in the case of single vehicle accidents.  With some health insurance policies, ambulance cover is a separate item for insurance and may not be covered in your policy.

3. Travel Insurance

If you find you have inadequate cover for riding in other Australian states, through either your health or NSW CTP Insurance, we suggest you take out travel insurance that includes single vehicle crashes.  Again, check the PDS for your exact cover.  Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to health and money!


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